Other useful links

• Tokyo Nihongo Volunteer Network [OCT ’18; currently down] A comprehensive list of all the free, or low fee, Japanese classes offered by Japanese volunteer groups in Tokyo. Use the search function in English to look for a location, day of the week , etc. to find a class.

Tokyo New Urban Commons A (currently unfinished) university mapping project identifying the urban commons in Tokyo. [And a similar, but now-offline, map; Tohoku Projects Map, identifying the Tohoku community development projects after the 2011 earthquake]

Labornet Japan A very up-to-date English-language blog about (mainly) protests taking place in Tokyo (both large and small). Interesting information which is usually not publicised in English.

No Limit Festival A unique nomadic festival which took place in Tokyo in 2016, the venue list displays some of the venues featured in this site but also many more alternative spaces in the city such as the political bookshop “Kiryuusha” in Shimokitazawa and the famous “Nantoka Bar” in Koenji.

Tokyo Urban Permaculture An active group and blog dedicated to permaculture in relation to Tokyo, with English-speaking members and information

Tokyo Green Space English-language projects blog on green in Tokyo.

WWOOF Japan The Japanese branch of the worldwide organic farming and alternative lifestyle home/work stay network. Very active site with hundreds of farms around Japan to stay at and learn from. Many alternative, slow-lifestyle families and many other kinds of people and philosophies represented.

Tokyo Jazz Site A in-depth collection of jazz “Kissaten”/cafes/venues in Tokyo, a good way to find more independent, established cafes to spend time in Tokyo.