Japan Association for Refugees (JAR)

Refugee and asylum seeker assistance and advocacy

6F #3 Shikakura Building, 1-7-10, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku

Office hours 10am – 6pm, consultation hours for refugees 10am – 5pm, closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

www.refugee.or.jp/en / facebook.com/ja4refugees

Japan Association for Refugees (JAR), based in Yotsuya, is one of the few main organisations helping and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Japan. This support takes place in different ways, from a phone helpline and in-person counselling providing legal or social assistance to practical daily-life help through clothing or food donations.

Another of JAR’s main forms of support for refugees in Japan is advocacy for refugees’ rights at the national and local government level, and with the media. There is more information about their work in English, and much more in Japanese, on their website.


In terms of support from the general public for JAR, the easiest way you can support their work is through monetary donation. This financial assistance can greatly help with the services they can offer an individual. See more information on the website donation page. JAR also accepts physical donations of food and clothing, please email them to find out how to drop off these donations.

Another small way to help (for non-Japanese speaking people) is to take part in helping with the regular food pick-up from Second Harvest Japan in Akihabara on Thursdays. This involves collecting the food and bringing it back to the office in Yotsuya for sorting, either by train or car (if there is a volunteer driving that week, or if you yourself own a car – that will be very helpful!).

Please contact JAR for more information about support.

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