Hi this is .933 and we established in 2020 to share the tips learned by Chiyoko and Kazuhiko with everyone

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Our 3 Services

Tokyo Workcation Club (TokyoWC)
We creat a workcation plan just only for you around Tokyo
Tokyo Web Support (TokyoWS)
We support Japanese sole proprietors and SMEs by creating websites
Tokyo Workshop Planner (TokyoWP)
We creat a workshop plan for the members of iine! Creators Colony

Our Online Event

Worldwide Weekend (TokyoWW)

Our event is organized for both aspiring and accomplished designers, developers and marketers around the world

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World Art Projects


This is a drawing workshop with WASHI (WASHI is Japanese traditional paper.) The card is named “ARIGATO CARD”. Meaning is ”The cards of thank you”. Giving to the person that you feel the kindness.

  • Type: Drawing workshop
  • Tools: Card sized WASHI & Colored pencils used by professional designers


  • alternative
    I failed at first, but I managed to draw it cutely. Thanks to colored pencils and KABOO. Thank you!
    Ms. Y - Tokyo
  • alternative
    I love KABOO. I can draw a lot.
    K-kun - Nagano
  • alternative
    My child loves painting, and I was very happy to she concentrated on drawing! All the mothers were seriously drawing a thank-you card for their husband.
    Ms. M - Niigata
  • alternative
    KABOO is cute! I wanted to draw again. It was fun with lots of colored pencils.
    S-chan - Tokyo

Domain Name Art


Creating domain art using emoji


Creating domain art using kanji

Foreign characters

Creating domain art using foreign characters

Social Projects


iine! Art Museum Project


As we learned from the pandemic of COVID-19, the real world isn’t the only thing that matters. Have an online presence. This online museum was established in July 2020 with the aim of culminating in Chiyoko’s art support activities from 2004. The articles I have covered so far have been very well received by the people I have met. Even if you don’t go anywhere. At home, online, on the Internet. Present your work to the world. This cycle of creating, selling, buying, and “watching” expands the world of art. Read More


Kodomo Kobo Project


Japanese “Kodomo shokudo” is a social activity to provide free or cheap nutritional meals and warm gatherings to children, their parents, and local people. Great activity. We also wanted to do it, but We thought it was our duty to provide “opportunity for art”, not meals. When Chiyoko was a kid, she was very shy and didn’t study well. So she was bullied. Her parents were usually not at home because they were working so busy. So her only pleasure was to draw alone. We know drawing is a peace of mind, so we think the drawing workshop for children is also necessary. Read More

AI vs. Human Project

This is a project in which humans will confront AI in 2045, when AI exceeds the intelligence of humankind. For a rough image, please see the 1-minute video above.

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