Café Lavandería (Shinjuku)


Casual and welcoming cafe-bar, anti-capitalist/egalitarian focus, many international events (especially music)

2-12-9 Koyosha building, Shinjuku, 160-0022 Tokyo

Closest station: Shinjuku-sanchome

Opening times: 2 – 10pm (closed Tuesdays and Mondays except for the last Monday of the month) /

Thanks to its informal, welcoming style Café Lavandería naturally stands out from Shinjuku’s hectic Ni-chome bar scene. This cafe, bar and event space has been around since 2009 (previously in Iidabashi since 2006) and provides a very casual space for anti-capitalist activists, and others, to gather. There are books, cats, cheap drinks and snacks and friendly people to surround you inside. Heavily surrounded by Ni-chome’s LGBT scene, the cafe easily draws attention to itself. “Musica y anti-capitalismo” welcomes you at the entrance, succinctly stating its intentions as a music venue, gathering space and it’s tendency towards Spanish-language musical acts or events.



There are many music gigs here by Japanese and international artists. Please check the website for upcoming events. There are also interesting film screenings taking place. Last year an event to discuss free speech in Iran and Japan screened the detained director Keywan Karimi’s films (see Japan Times article). Discussions and other events also take place, all decided communally by the members of the organizing group which runs the cafe together. It’s hard to find other spaces quite like this in Shinjuku.

Please pay a visit when nearby, combined with Irregular Rhythm Aslyum, which is only five minutes away.