Asian People’s Friendship Society (APFS) (Itabashi-ku)

Strong charitable support for foreign residents, active foreign resident advocacy, unique foreign resident training

56-6-301 Oyama Higashi-cho, Itabashi-ku, 173-0014

Open during consultation times, phone line open weekdays 11am – 6pm /

Asian People’s Friendship Society (APFS) is a small but very active organisation devoted to supporting foreign residents of Japan and promoting a multicultural society. The main support system of APFS consists of consultation with foreign residents, advocacy, research and surveys, cultural exchange events and holding courses including training foreign residents to become community leaders. The 8 board members of APFS, 5 from overseas, decide together how to run the organisation.

APFS is always in need of help from volunteers. You can help in several ways. There is lots of translation work required, especially to French. Volunteer translators are very welcome. If you have experience with IT and web services, pro bono work for the APFS website is especially welcomed too. The other main way you can help is through donation, either monetary or through creating a fundraising event. See the website for more information about donating. APFS’ hardworking support and advocacy for foreign residents is very admirable but they receive only one subsidy, from the Tokyo Municipal Government. So donations and volunteer support can really help APFS’s activities.


Founded in 1987, and run from a small office in Itabashi-ku, it became an NPO in 2010 and tirelessly advocates for people who often cannot find other support elsewhere. Recently, the introduced a helpline for foreign residents staffed by other foreign residents, in which information and support with daily living and other problems is offered freely. Please see the facebook page for upcoming future dates of the helpline service. On four recent days of the helpline they received 74 calls from foreign residents.

Recently they have also started a foreign resident leadership training program, in which they offer professional training to long-term foreign residents of Japan about different areas of Japanese government, law, interpreting and others so that these foreign residents can become community leaders themselves and thereby create a support sytem. Please see the website for more information, this program is very unique in Japan.